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Semen Shipping

Bio-TranZ® Semen Shipping






The Bio-TranZ® technology provides:

  • Proven technology for mailing liquid semen.
  • Reduces anxieties and pressure during semen production.
  • Easy for its use and employment.
  • Saves precious time and money.
  • Shipped semen can be used for IUI or evaluation.
  • Guarantees similar results to fresh semen.
  • Helps avoid unnecessary travel and stays in hotels.



The Bio-TranZ® is a disposable products and intended for one-use only to prevent the possible transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.


ZDL, Inc. is released from any liability if the product is not used according to its specifications.

Order The Bio-TranZ®




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  2. [PDF] 14th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology
  3. [Archive] Zavos P.M., Zavos P.N., Kaskar K., Correa-Perrez J.R., Koundouros S.: Viability and Fecundity of Human Semen Specimens Cryostored and Transported at 5°C Using the Bio-Tranz® Shipping System. Archives of Andrology, 52(3): 149-154, 2006.


To obtain your Bio-TranZ® call ZDL today at 1-800-998-4567 or place your order online - You will be glad you did!


The Bio-TranZ® is sold exclusively by ZDL, Inc. Regulations require that all shipments bear a label identifying the contents of the package. You may request the Bio-TranZ® sent to you with no labels or markings for privacy reasons, when you are placing your order.


How to Safely Ship Liquid Semen: Can Unsafe Semen Shippers Cause Genetic Abnormalities to the Child?


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